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Oh Lucifer please take my hand
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The Roommate Paradox | Part 5/? (Reader x Lucifer)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (main pairing / eventually)
Warning: foul language / swearing, Hints at alcohol consumption ( just a glass of red wine), blood (not much though)
Words: 1248
Writer: Liz
So you sighed and went over to his limp body. Remembering how much the Winchester brothers had already struggled when they had carried him, you didn't even try to lift him off the ground. Instead, you simply grabbed him by the arms and pulled his body over the floor. You were already panting and sweating when you got to the couch but you decided to assign him his own room would probably be better for your nerves anyways.
Since the bunker featured numerous bedrooms you didn't even have to look far for an empty one. Breathing heavily and already breaking a sweat you heaved Lucifer’s body on the bed before examining him closer. Any wounds that might have originated from the shards of glass were gone, even th
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 14 9
Remembering, Sequel to 'Memories' (GabrielxReader)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (female pronouns used)
Warnings: more Heartbreak, Angst, Fluff
Words: 1444
Writer: Liz
Info: This is a sequel, please read the first part first. You can find it here →
The unexpected call from the Winchesters the next morning was – well – unexpected. They had called and asked you to visit them at the bunker as soon as possible but they didn't tell you what the fuss was about. So since you had nothing better to do you packed up your few belongings and checked out of the motel. It was a good thing that the drive only took you about an hour because otherwise, you didn't know how you would have managed to stay calm.
'Maybe it's just a hunt that they need help with' you thought but the nervousness wasn't
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 17 8
The Roommate Paradox | Part 4/? (Reader x Lucifer)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (main pairing / eventually)
Warning: foul language / swearing, Mentioning of Chucks A+ parenting
Words: 1801
Writer: Liz
Finally, you found what you were looking for in the encyclopedia. The monster seemed to fit what Dean had said earlier. You hadn't heard of it yet, but it didn't seem to be too common anyways.
The Edimmu
The Edimmu (sometimes known as Ekimmu) is a type of spirit that has escaped the underworld either by their own power or by being summoned. The broader term for this being is Utukku, but the ones that turn evil and are an actual danger are called Edimmu's. The beings are documented by Sumerian religions religious groups which were heavily influenced by Mesopotamian mythology.
They are known to cause illness and inspire criminal behavior in those who either disrespected taboos (such as eating ox meat, in the culture where
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 12 3
The Valentine's Dance (Mycroft x Reader)
Valentine's Challenge
Day 3: “I guess this makes you my Valentine”
Pairing: Mycroft Holmes x Reader
Writer: Anna
Warnings: None
Written while listening to: Johannes Brahms – Waltz in A Flat Op. 39 No. 15 Piano ( (Imagine the Reader and Mycroft dancing to this! It's one of my favourite piano pieces! :) ♥)
“You look beautiful, darling!”, complimented your father while sitting on the opposite side of the limousine. Today was the yearly Valentine's dance, held by the British Government. Every single person that had made her- or himself a name in British politics was invited to participate in this special event.
Your stomach had convulsed every time you thought about this celebration for the past few weeks. Even though it wasn't your first time visiting a party o
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 16 10
Sherlock and Valentine's Day (Sherlock x Reader)
Day 2: “Why would you want to celebrate a holiday created specifically to boost sales in the greeting cards and candy industries?”
“Because I love you?”
Valentine’s Challenge by: @prettyxlittlexwriter @cfordwrites  (On tumblr)
The 14th of February otherwise known as Valentines Day had always been something you loved. For you, it meant seeing happy couples in the streets and Cafes of London and sometimes you could've sworn that you were able to feel all the love in the air around this time of the year.
Your better – or at least more logical and rational – half however didn't seem to share your excitement. Every time you brought up the subject, he seemed to ignore it or brushed it off as nothing.
You were on your way home when you began thinking about going on an actual date on V day wit
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 19 2
The Roommate Paradox | Part 3/? (Reader x Lucifer)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (main pairing / eventually)
Warning: foul language / swearing
Words: 1634
Writer: Liz
After letting go of Dean you watched the impala disappear into the horizon. For a few moments, you lingered in your thoughts. You were unsure of what to do. Babysitting Satan had never been something you thought about, so you felt quite unprepared. Then again, he didn't want you to anyways, so you just had to make sure he wouldn't break anything or anyone in the following days.
Sighing, you strayed towards the bunker's door and went inside. Since you hadn't eaten yet, you got yourself a bagel and then you wanted to spend some time alone in your room. However, you had to go through the library to get there. Silently you decided to just ignore Lucifer and sneak past him. This didn't prove to be an easy task since the fallen angel seemed to have awoken and was currently sitting on the couch with his head resting back on th
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 13 1
The Valentine's Case (Sherlock x Molly)
Valentine's Day Challenge
Day 1: „You shouldn't have to spend Valentine's Day alone.“
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Molly Hooper (Sholly ♥)
Words: 1160
Writer: Anna
Warnings: None
Written while listening to: Paloma Faith – Only love can hurt like this (
Molly glanced at the clock, hanging above her TV. Half past seven on Valentines Day.
„And I'm alone again“, she murmured while putting another spoon of vanilla ice cream in her mouth. Since she got off work this afternoon the young woman practically hadn't moved an inch.
Well except for the walk to the fridge and back to her sofa, to get food supplies for a lonely evening in front of the TV. For hours she has been laying here, watching one romance movie after another. And every time after another movie had ended, Molly f
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 3 3
The Roommate Paradox | Part 2/? (Reader x Lucifer)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (main pairing / eventually)
Warning: Spoilers, foul language / swearing (Reader has a really foul mouth),
Words: 2058
Writer: Liz
Info: I tired to write Sam like he is in the actual show, meaning that he is somewhat afraid of Lucifer. Maybe this will change in future chapters, but right now it's the case and if you don't like that, please don't read this :) (No hate towards Samifer shippers though, it just doesn't fit in this story)
When you got to the garage, Dean signaled you to go in first and open the door, while they covered you. Anxiously, you silently wrapped your hand around the doorknob and took a deep breath, but before you opened it, a loud crashing sound came from the inside.
Immediately you opened the door and rushed inside, Dean and Sam close behind you with their guns in their hands.
But you stopped as soon as you saw the cause of the intense noise. Sam and Dean aimed their weapons
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 13 5
Meeting Sherlock Holmes (SherlockxReader Part 2)
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Warnings: language

Words: 1767

Writer: Anna
"Thank you for your attention."
With those words, you finished your presentation in front of the directors and other important members of the psychology department of the Kings College of London.
A massive wave of relief swapped over your whole body and the smile which you had forced for the last hour, appeared completely naturally on your lips.
Finally, this nerve wrecking presentation was over. For weeks it has been hanging over your head like a sword of Damocles.
When your former professor called you two months ago and told you that the Kings College was searching for a new member in their psychology department for the new semester, you didn't even need to think about your application twice. It has always been your dream to teach - to share and discuss your knowledge with others.
And now the presentation was done.
You did your best
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 6 3
The Roommate Paradox | Part 1/? (Reader x Lucifer)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (main pairing / eventually), Dean x Castiel (just on the side,
Warning: Spoilers, foul language / swearing,
Words: 1507
Writer: Liz
Info: This is set after the scene in s11.e23 where Amara and Chuck
disappear, BUT Mary doesn't come back and everything is purely
fiction after that scene. Also Lucifer, Sam, Reader and Dean are
present in that scene.
Stunned you watched as Amara and Chuck disappeared in a swirl of light and darkness, leaving humanity behind once more. Abandoning the angels again.
When the sky cleared up again, you took a moment to take in your surroundings. Dean was standing to your left, still staring at the spot where Amara was standing just moments ago. His expression was pained but also relieved at the same time, but he too seemed to be disappointed that it had ended like this.
As you glanced to your right you saw Sam
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 19 5
Memories (Gabriel x Reader, Angst)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (female pronouns used)
Warnings: Heartbreak, Death (not in the story), Angst
Words: 915
Writer: Liz
Getting out of bed had been a challenge the last three years. And even if you made it – your days were overtaken by sorrow. You felt like a machine in some ways. Everything you did you did the same way as the days before.
Wake up, make some coffee, maybe take a shower if you felt like it and after that you'd just be sitting around all day, every now and then you'd research something for the Winchester brothers, but even they seemed to busy to call you once in a while.
Also, your diet now considering of mostly store bought frozen dinners, even though cooking and baking used to be one of your favorite things to do.
But that was the point, it used to be. Now it just reminded you of him. How he loved your cooking and would nag you every day to bake something he liked. After all, he was known for his not
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 17 12
Mature content
Kidnapped (Castiel x Reader, Angst and Fluff) :iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 23 6
Meeting Sherlock Holmes (SherlockxReader Part 1)
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock x Reader (female pronouns used)
Warnings: None
Words: 1058
Writer: Anna
Living in the basement flat at Baker Street 221B had been quite pleasant for the last two years. Well … at least until your dead thought neighbor, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes re-appeared.
Since then living here has been quite a challenge for your nerves. Even though you have never met him in person, you knew plenty about Sherlock Holmes.
For example the fact, that he liked to play Bach on his violin until three in the morning or was keen on experimenting with all different kinds of weapons and some pretty strange smelling chemicals.
Just yesterday evening as you returned from work, you noticed an unusual scent even before you opened the front door. You couldn’t help to wrinkle your nose and furrow your eyebrows together. Slowly you pushed the door open, but as soon as you stepped into the corridor, your
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 12 7
Friends with the devil (Lucifer x Reader Fluff)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader (gender neutral, I think)
Warnings: A little bit of self-doubt
Words: 970
Writer: Liz

You turned and rolled around in your bed. It was five in the morning, but your sleeping pattern was messed up, as usual. One of the many downsides to being a hunter. Finally, you decided to give up the hope of getting another hour or so of sleep and got up.
You sat at the edge of the old and cheap motel bed and stared at the rusty AC. Lately, you’ve been contemplating your life a lot. Your decision to become a hunter, being the main one, but every single thing you had done in the last few years seemed so despicable to you. You had murdered – not the innocent of course – but in a way you still couldn’t help but think badly of your acts. The person you once were would have been truly terrified by the person you had become. It didn’t matter that you had thought you were doi
:iconanna-liz-fiction:anna-liz-fiction 31 7
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